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29 | 01 | 2016

Valentine's Day

Shamiyana Valentines Moment - Valentines Day Celebration!

It will soon be that time of year when our thoughts turn to sweethearts. The origin of the concept of romantic love goes far back to ancient times long before the legend of St. Valentine.
The first idea of romantic love came from the god, Eros, in Greek mythology. Valentine's Day is now considered as an occasion to celebrate all beautiful human relationships. The festival has come to be known as the day to celebrate love in all forms.
Lovers holding hands and celebrating this day is a common sight in parks and restaurants. Special Valentine day parties are also organized by many hotels and discotheques. Some people also choose to go to romantic getaways for celebrating this day quietly with their loved ones.
But we at Shamiyana wanted to make this celebration special for you and your loved one! Gift your Valentine a night to remember for life, enjoy the #ShamiyanaValentineMoment!
Start the evening with a beautiful long drive to your favourite friendly neighbourhood Shamiyana. Enjoy here, a romantic themed party that we have especially created just for you! The Venus Party Plot will host 40 private tables where you would be served special delicious gourmet Candle Light dinner, live band and a Champagne to make the love bubbles pop!
Enjoy this 14th February a romantic and gourmet evening under the beautiful stars with a Candle light dinner like no other only at Shamiyana.

So Ahmedabad, what are you waiting for, register a table today before someone else gifts it to their Valentine! Call: 9879000759, 9879000164



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