About Us

Welcome to Shamiyana! We present you a world of savoury delights and delightful experiences here. We have garnered tastes from across the world under the “Shamiyana” i.e. canopy of an Indian aura.
Shamiyana is an experience in itself. A tour to Krishna ages embedded on glass walls, a mocktail bar to experience an upbeat atmosphere, and cozy dining places with impeccable service.
In the truest sense of the word, food is work of art here. Every delicacy we serve, opens doors to a splendid foodie paradise. The ravishing ambience further accentuates the eclectic charm of this haven of piquant flavours.
The serenity of its location makes Shamiyana the perfect place for an ultimate fine dining experience. Special offers for Corporate Parties, Group Dining, Outdoor Catering and readily available Food Packs gives you ample reasons to unleash the foodie within.
So indulge in the mesmerizing world of Shamiyana!

Undiscovered Recipes

Our expert chefs are all passionate food connoisseurs. They have been around the world and have tasted delicacies from exotic destinations. Finally, they have created the recipes that would bring the world to your plate.

Our experienced chefs bring to you their signature undiscovered recipes such as Mushroom and Parsley Cappuccino, Roomali ke Nachos, Tandoori Paneer Lasagna, and Arabian Kafta, which are much more delicious than they sound.

So come with us on a luscious journey of unearthing the undiscovered recipes!

Mocktail Bar 

Our exclusive mocktail bar is where you can refresh, appetize and enjoy deep conversations with your dear ones. Or you can sit back and enjoy cricket and football matches while sipping at the finest selection of mocktails.

Amidst the classic ambience embellished with glistening glasses, our expert bartenders ensure that you savour your drink while they amaze you with their skills of mixing drinks, juggling bottles and glasses, and presenting a fire show.


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